With the advantage of modern dobby weaving looms of Picanol (Optimax and Gamax) we are able to provide our customers with a wide range of good quality textile products, many kind of weaving in dobby loom (plain, twill, herringborn,…), multi-material, wide-width. up to 2.8 meters. We can especially produce Canvas fabric which has weight up to 1kg / m.

With a modern dyeing machine system and a team of professional engineers, we can supply a wide range of colorful, good quality dyed fabrics to meet the diversified requirement of customers, including customers from Japan, USA, EU…


– Materials: all kinds of materials except filament in warp yarns (cotton, TC, PE, TR, CVC, spandex, T400, linen, bamboo , …)

– Weight: 100-800g / m2 (especially heavy weight canvas fabrics)

– Wide width: 90-280cm

– Weaving: plain, twill, poplin, oxford, herringbone, dobby weave,…

– Dyeing: all kinds of dyes, colors according to customers’ requirements

– Purpose of use: Shoes, clothes (uniforms, medical uniforms, workwear, …), bedding, curtains, tents, furniture, …

– Can produce waterproof, fireproof, and some other special fabrics for industry, medical field, …


800,000m fabrics all kinds / month



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Ha Noi May 19th Textile Joint Stock Company

Canvas fabric is is one of the most widely used types of fabrics in the textile sector. This type of fabric is used to produce products that require sturdiness such as canvas shoes, backpacks, bags, tents, furniture, etc. Canvas is also a typical material for painting industry, used as a beautiful painting background. Different from other heavy fabric, canvas fabric is mainly produced in plain weaving. Canvas fabric is produced with 100% cotton, heavy and rustic material, providing a durable and comfortable use. Products made from canvas fabric can be used for a long time.


  • Type: % 100 Cotton Canvas
  • Weight Range: 100 up to 800 gr / m2
  • Width Range: Between 150-160 cm

Multi-color dyed fabric, high-quality dyeing to meet strict requirements of fastidious customers (especially Japanese, US, EU customers)

Grey fabrics with diversified weaving, produced on modern Picanol machines with good quality, meet the wide range requirements of the market.

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